UN, US, France, UK, Pakistan and Germany condemn barbaric bombing in Suruc in north Kurdistan

http://ift.tt/1JO4keG NEW YORK (KDN) – The deadly suicide bomb that targeted a group of a youth movement members and killed dozens in the Kurdish town of Suruc has been condemned by United Nations, UK, US, Germany and France. The Secretary-General condemned the deadly terrorist attack that took place today in Suruc, which has claimed lives of around 50 people and injured more than a hundred. “No cause or grievance ever justifies the targeting of civilians.” Ban Ki-Moon said in a statement delivered by his spokesperson. “The Secretary-General hopes the perpetrators of this act will be swiftly identified and brought to justice. He sends his deepest condolences to the victims and their families, and wishes those injured a speedy recovery,” Farhan Haq said. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attack and said. “No cause or grievance ever justifies the targeting of civilians,” Farhan Haq told reporters in New York. Germany’s Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier urged the international community to take strong measures against ISIS terrorism. “I condemn this heinous act in the strongest terms,” he said in a statement. “The attack in Suruc shows that we cannot relax in our fight against terrorism. Turkey is a significant partner in this regard.” UK […]
source: kurdishdailynews

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