400 fighters of Imêrat tribe participate in Minbic campaign



MINBIC– 400 fighters of Imêrat Arabic tribe joined “Martyr Commander Faisal Abu Laila” campaign to free Minbic and its countryside.

“Martyr Commander Faisal Abu Laila” campaign continues progressing towards Minbic city freeing more villages and lands, while hundreds of the area’s residents joined the campaign.

400 hundred of Imêrat tribe youths have joined the campaign and are fighting side by side with Minbic fighters in the battlefields. Imêrat tribe is one of the biggest Syrian tribes that inhabit Sirîn, Tişrîn dam, Minbic and its countryside and other Syrian areas.

Lawrence Arab one of Imêrat tribe people fighting in the ranks of Minbic forces said that the percentage of the Arabs taking part in the campaign exceeds 90% of the forces, and we as people of Imêrat tribe our chief aim is to liberate our people from mercenaries.

Lawrence Arab assured “there are no differences among Kurds, Arabs and Turkmens” we are all brothers and will stand together to free our country from mercenaries”.

Abu Sakhir another fighter of Imêrat tribe taking part in the campaign denied the Turkish state claims that the Kurds’ percentage exceeds Arabs, adding that it attempts to provoke seditions among the areas’ components”.




source: ANHA

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