10,000 jihadis still fighting for ISIS in Mosul


ARA News

DUHOK More than 10,000 militants are still fighting for the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group in Mosul, the group’s main bastion in Iraq, according to the US-led coalition spokesman Colonel Christopher Garver. 

The official said in a statement on Sunday that the coalition and allied ground troops of the Kurdish Peshmerga and the Iraqi army are preparing to storm the key city of Mosul and eliminate ISIS there. 

The coalition spokesman pointed out that they’ve increased the number of military advisors in Iraq in order to accelerate the military operation aimed at retaking Mosul from ISIS group. 

Speaking to ARA News in Mosul, media activist Haidar al-Iraqi said that a large number of ISIS militants in the city are local Arabs.

“Most of those fighting for the group now in Mosul are local people who have joined the group’s ranks after the Islamic State took over the city in 2014,” he said.

The source also reported a noticeable decrease in the number of foreign jihadis in Mosul, as the group has transferred many of them to Raqqa city–the ISIS de facto capital in Syria. 

Reporting by: Ali Issa

Source: ARA News

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source: ARA News

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