Council of Democratic Syria: Minbic becomes an important step for resolution in Syria


NEWS DESK – Council of Democratic Syria released a statement in which it congratulated the self-defense forces fighting ISIS in Minbic (Manbij) and said the liberation of Minbic is a very important step towards a democratic solution in Syria and it guarantees the project of Democratic Federal Rojava-Northern Syria.

The council’s statement also said that all sides involved in the Syrian war were following the operation in Minbic and some states, especially Turkey, attempted to prevent the operation by letting ISIS members cross the border into Syria from Jarablus.

The cooperation between Forces of Democratic Syria (QSD) and Military Council of Minbic has been one of the most critical attempt to successfully complete the operation.

The residents of Minbic should work on establishing their own organizations and institutions and defend their city against ISIS gangs.

In the last few years, Arab women could organize themselves, learn methods of self-defense, and actively participated in the operations in Minbic. Arab women have achieved a societal revolution, liberated themselves from the darkness of ISIS and shouted freedom.

The liberation operation destroyed all the plans of terrorism and saved humanity from the brutality of the terrorist projects. It also guarantees the establishment of a united, democratic, and decentralized Syria that will end the tragedy that Syrian people have been living in the last years.

ISIS gang members wanted to destroy the city just like they did in Kobanî, a recent example of Stalingrad, but it became a graveyard for ISIS gang members.

Minbic Military Council has saved more than 140 thousand civilians from ISIS and has become an important actor in protecting the civilians.


source: ANHA

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