Manbij organization for Relief and Development calls for help



MANBIJ– Manbij organization for Relief and Development has provided thousands with food and health baskets in a short period after its foundation, but it did not receive any support from any third party, in spite of the repeated appeals.MINBIC-ARIKARYA-JIBO-MILETE-MINBICE (3)

Manbij organization for Relief and Development which was formed in June 25 this year in Kobani canton has provided 9000 food and health basket for 9000 families in the villages of Manbij city in spite of the weak capabilities of the organization in terms of human resources and logistics.

The basket contains food like (rice, tea and wheat) as well as medical supplies.

According to member of organization that during the work of the organization and distribution of relief items to the displaced, they suffered from the mercenaries as they shot their vehicle, nobody was hurt however, Ahmed pointed out during his speech that many of the Arab and foreign media tried MINBIC-ARIKARYA-JIBO-MILETE-MINBICE (1)recently to libel the organization and its members and have fabricated many rumors about the organization’s work.

Manbij Organization for Relief and Development aims to provide a helping hand to all citizens of the city who were rescued by the Manbij military Council of IS mercenaries during the occupation of the city, and secured them to safe areas, it has also participated in cooperation with the Civil Manbij Council to open three camps for displaced people in the countryside of the city of Manbij.



source: ANHA

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