Manbij Executive Assembly declared


manbij-executive-assemblyManbij Civilian Assembly released the final declaration of the meeting it held yesterday.

The final declaration called attention to the ongoing deaths and destruction as the Syrian crisis enters its 7th year, saying: “There is no trust left that international forces will produce a resolution to the crisis. Practices of terrorist groups and the Ba’ath regime government has left hundreds of thousands of civilians death and many cities of Syria razed and burned to the ground.

With the eruption of the crisis, gang groups entered these lands and put their own plans against the interests of the Syrian people into practice, which made Syria a field of battle between international and regional forces. The only way to overcome this tragedy and crisis is to build a democratic and decentralized Syria.

On 21 January, 2014 the city of Manbij was invaded by ISIS gangs who subjected people to massacre, abduction, pillage, destruction and all kinds of atrocity. Manbij Civilian Assembly declared its establishment on people’s demand on April 5, 2016. After its liberation on August 12, 2016 the city was ruled by Manbij Civilian Assembly on the basis of principles of co-existence.

Despite all the restricted means, Manbij Civilian Council led the works for the organization of the people, formed schools, health centers, Social Justice Centre, institutions, People’s Municipality, committees of defense, service and re-construction, and practised co-chair system in all institutions. Alongside these, it worked for the expansion of the Assembly, and for the involvement of Kurdish, Arab, Turkmen, Circassian and Chechen residents of the city in its body. Based on democracy, fraternity and co-existence of peoples, it assured the rights of all faith, sect and cultural groups, and reversed the destructive mentality of dominant systems.

A dignified life can be created in Syria based on its own economy, underground and overland treasures. As Manbij Civilian Assembly, our primary mission is to liberate our country from the tragedy it is suffering at the moment, and to make the hopes of the people true. The crisis in Syria can be settled with internal negotiation and dialogue. We thank all the SDF and Manbij Military Council fighters for their liberation of our city from ISIS gangs.”

Following the final declaration, Manbij Executive Council with 15 members was declared.


Source: Firat News Agency

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source: Kurdish Info

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