KONGRA-GEL’s Kartal: There are limits to tyranny, but not to resistance


remzi-kartalA commemorative meeting was held for the HPG guerrilla Ednan Daban (Şiyar Kobanê) who lost his life in the Medya Defense Zones in 2014 before the public meeting held in Helsingborg Democratic Kurdish Society Center locale with 150 Kurds.

Daban’s family and friends were present in the meeting. There were speeches on the importance of martyrs for the Kurdish people and the Kurdish Freedom Movement.

After the meeting, Remzi Kartal spoke on the importance of the referendum in April for the new constitution for the Kurds and the peoples of the Middle East.

Kartal pointed out that AKP and Erdoğan resorted to all kinds of illegitimate methods to have the new constitution approved, which will accelerate the transformation into a one-man state and a dictatorship, and stated that the referendum is an opportunity to stop the anti-democratic practices and attacks on Kurds.

Kartal said the enthusiastic and large scale Newroz celebrations in Amed sent a message for what path should be taken and added: “The resistance will continue whether the outcome of the referendum is yes or no. An outcome of no in the referendum won’t mean that the issues have been resolved. We have made long term plans for every circumstance, and we will implement them when it’s their time.”

Kartal stressed that a strong emergence compatible with the resistance spirit of Newroz is imperative and called on all Kurdistan people and their allies to mobilize for the No campaign in the upcoming referendum.

Following Newroz messages from democratic mass organisations and political parties, Kurdistanis went outside all together and danced around a bonfire.


Source: Firat News Agency

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