Turkish occupation, its gangs renew shelling Afrin, al-Shahba 


AFRIN – Jabhit al-Nusra , Ahrar al-Sham mercenaries have renewed shelling Afrin canton villages with heavy weapons and bombs, while Turkish occupation army and its affiliate mercenaries targeted al-Shahba liberated villages, civilians’ crops and orchards leaving material damage to civilians’ properties.

Jabhit al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham( Damascus Rebels) mercenaries stationed at Samaan Castle have renewed their barbaric shelling with bombs, heavy arms, mortars on Iska and Basofan in Sherewa district and Qatma and Kafr Janah in Shera district in Afrin canton.

People Protection Units, Women Protection Units and Jaish al-Thuwar have responded to the Jabhit al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham and Turkish occupation mercenaries’ attack

The continuous shelling left considerable damage to civilians’ properties and crops.

In a relevant concern, Turkish occupation army has targeted on Friday night al-Shahba liberated areas including al-Shahba Dam, Harbal, Sheikh Issa, Tel Madiq, Ain Daqna, Om Hosh and al-Wahshiyah.

The shelling on al-Shahba and Afrin canton is continuous till now.



source: ANHA

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