Congratulatory address to the guerrilla forces in Zap


karayilan-greetsTurkish army launched an invasion operation on Zap region of Medya Defense Zones in Southern Kurdistan territory through the Çukurca border on June 16. The Turkish army was forced to withdraw its troops from the area on July 10 in the wake of the strong resistance put up by guerrilla forces.

People’s Defense Central Headquarters Command has sent a congratulatory address to the guerrilla forces that repelled the Turkish troops in Zap, which is as follows:

“To Zap State Command;

The operation launched by the Turkish army on Zap region on June 16 has been frustrated by the great sacrifice and resistance of the Zap state forces. The mobilization and resistance of Zap state forces based on creative and various tactics during 23 days has gained a very important and valuable dimension.

This battle process in Zap has revealed how mighty the human will and ability is against the advanced technology of the time, and proved the superiority of human capacity and victory. The manifested courage, resolved will and creativity has made the enemy suffer heavy losses with fewest casualties on your side.

We congratulate all the commanders and fighter comrades who put efforts into this holy resistance that gave the necessary lesson to the enemy, and salute them with the expectation that their success will continue. We commemorate our brave martyrs that have a part in this resistance process in the person of Martyr Mervan, and bow respectfully before their memories. We promise to cherish their memory in the struggle for Free Leader and Free Kurdistan in a manner worthy of this great resistance.

We know very well that the experience and sacrifice of the resistance mounted in Zap for 10 months lies behind the resistance mounted around Kela Bedeve in Zap for the past 23 days. The resistance put up in Zap area with great sacrifices since September 2016 has laid the foundations of today’s success.

The battle given against the enemy for 10 uninterrupted months has turned into a great resistance in the person of Martyr Serhar, Rojin, Medeni, Ekin, Bager and Mervan, and consequently revealed a succesful level.

We commemorate our martyrs that have fallen during this brave battle, salute all the comrades that put their efforts into this process, and wish them success.

We believe you will attain greater successes in the event that the deficiencies in the revealed tactics are overcome, and wish you outstanding success on this basis.”


Source: Firat News Agency

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source: Kurdish Info

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