Defense Body: our forces are fully prepared to defend Afrin



AFRIN- Head of Defense and Self-Protection Body in Afrin canton Bahjat Abdo said that they are fully prepared to defend the canton assuring that the Turkish occupation will be defeated as IS mercenaries have been in al-Raqqa city by SDF.

On the margins of the TEV-DEV meeting in Afrin canton held for DAA bodies, councils, and communes’ members, majorly to take security measures and reinforce the protection in the canton, Hawar news agency held an interview with the head of Defense and Self-Protection Body Bahjat Abdo.

Bahjat Abdo at the beginning of his speech touched upon the Turkish attacks, Turkish schemes of occupation, the status quo at Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas which aim at spreading fear and disturbances, and striking the fraternity of peoples in the area.

Abdo noted that the Turkish occupation, by its attacks, aims at handicapping al-Raqqa campaign, supporting its mercenaries in al-Raqqa, obstacling the Rojava 3 cantons’ connection, foiling the democratic federation project fearing free and democratic thought’s spreading over the world.

Abdo assured that they have taken measures on high levels to repel Turkish occupation army’s attack and their mercenaries by reinforcing the protection within communes, Society Protection Forces and also forming battalions for self-protection.

Abdo also assured on the necessity of people joining the ranks of protecting forces and standing side by side with YPG, YPJ and all the forces protecting the canton.

Head of Defense and Self-Protection in Afrin canton Bajhat Abdo concluded calling people of the canton to go on following the resistance and martyrs perspective, and, of course, they would not allow the Turkish state to occupy even an inch of the canton’s lands.



source: ANHA

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