3rd YPG regiment in Girkê Legê formed


GIRKÊ LEGÊ- People Protection Units (YPG) announced forming the 3rd military regiment that comprised 200 fighters in Girkê Legê during ceremonies where YPG and Women Protection Unit (YPJ) commanders participated in.  GIRKE_AVAKIRINA_SEYEMIN_FOCEN_YPG ‫(150929922)‬ ‫‬

The commanders in YPG and YPJ participated on Wednesday in the ceremonies of the 3rd military regiment formation in Girkê Legê area in the name of “Qereçox Martyrs”(Kratshok), and a first training course of the fighters started.

The ceremonies were organized in the headquarter of the regiment in Çilaxa area in Girkê Legê, and started by holding a minute of silence and performing the military parade by the members of the first training course.

The commander in YPG Mustafa Jaziry congratulated the fighters on forming the regiment and said “forming Qereçox Martyrs Regiment is a response to Qereçox attacks and all the attacks that Rojava was exposed to”.

Jaziry moved to talk about Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) resistance in al-Raqqa liberation campaign that has resulted till now in liberating a big part of al-Raqqa. Jazery also talked about the Turkish state’s attacks against Afrin canton and the resistance of Afrin and Rojava people. Jaziry stated that the Turkish state’s attacks aim at supporting IS mercenaries in al-Raqqa.GIRKE_AVAKIRINA_SEYEMIN_FOCEN_YPG ‫(150929923)‬ ‫‬

Jaziry said that the military regiment fighters would receive their training during 6 continuous courses.

Then, 30 fighters swore the military oath announcing the beginning of the first training course. The training course would last for a month and the fighters would receive theoretical lessons and military training.

The ceremonies ended by announcing the regiment formation and a first training course starting by dancing in rings and chanting slogans that salute YPG and YPJ resistance.





source: ANHA

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