Rojava Autonomous Administration: Geneva-7 will fail


Rojava Autonomous AdministrationRojava Democratic Autonomous Administration General Coordination has issued a written statement on the Geneva-7 talks today. 

“At a time when the Syrian crisis deepens with international and regional policies, interested parties taking action in the military and political areas have not taken the strategic situation if the Syrian people and have not included all groups in Syria,” says the statement and continues:


“Countries like Turkey and Qatar pose an obstacle for the platforms and talks for the solution of the Syrian crisis. No meeting or talks facing the threat of Turkey can be successful. That is why the silence towards these forces has to end. There should be a reaction against these attacks and those who unleash terror on the region should be fought. When this happens, a political and democratic solution to the Syrian crisis can be discussed. The Geneva-7 talks will fail to achieve results like the other Geneva talks.

We will continue with our democratic project and our fight against terrorism. Representatives from the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the forces of democracy not participating in the Geneva-7 means that the most important parties on the side of the solution for the Syrian crisis are not included in the talks.

As the Democratic Autonomous Administration General Coordination, we are stating that any talks held without the participation of representatives from  the Democratic Autonomous Administration will fail to achieve results and will be futile, and thus we are not responsible for the outcome of the talks.”

The Coordination concluded the statement with: “We believe that the path to a solution will be through the participation of the Autonomous Administration representatives and the democratic forces. We will continue with our democratic and libertarian project and our fight against global terrorism.”


Source: Firat News Agency

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source: Kurdish Info

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