Kobanî demonstrates supporting Afrin and al-Shahba


KOBANÎ- Thousands of the eastern, western and southern villagers, military forces and Kobanî people gathered in Free Women Square to participate in a demonstration in order to condemn the Turkish state’s attacks on Afrin canton and al-Shahba areas, and to support the people of the area. KOBANE-DERKETINA-MESE-JIBO-EFRINE-U-SEHBAYE ‫(134611459)‬ ‫‬

Thousands of Kobanî people with all sects and the civil institutions’ members also participated in the massive demonstration that was organized to support al-Shahba and Afrin canton’s people.

The participants in the protest held banners with “Viva Afrin resistance, Viva the leader Ocalan, Kobanî demands tis leader’s freedom, Afrin and al-Shahba are not alone and we are by their side and will support them” written on it, and the protestors held YPG, YPJ, TEV-DEM, PYD, Kongra Star and Rojava Youth Federation’s flags.

The demonstration started from Free Women Square, and the protestors chanted non-stop the slogans that salute Afrin resistance.

It is supposed that the demonstration would continue till Murshid Pinar border crossing that links Kobanî with Bakur Kurdistan, and speeches are expected to be delivered there.




source: ANHA

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