MSD Women Bureau condemns crimes against women


QAMISHLO – Syrian Democratic Board’s Women Bureau condemned the crimes committed against women by the Islamic state mercenaries, and commemorated the martyr Hanaa who was tortured by IS till she reached dignified martyrdom.

This came in a statement released by the MSD’s Women Bureau.

The statement is:

“IS gangs spreading intimidation and destruction wherever they go and violating all customs and borders, a woman is paying the price of her freedom and her society’s”.

“Were there pigs in the world, they are you” these words echoed as Hanaa responded to an IS mercenary breaking the walls of fear and silence, repelling by her strong will and dignity the IS terrorist organization’s power and shaking its throne.

This is what Hanaa said to IS, soon later, her 4 children have been tortured to death before her own eyes thus watering al-Raqqa soil with her blood and reaching honored and dignified martyrdom.

Women are paying a high price for their bravery being tortured and killed in the Syrian city of Jarablus and in Turkey by IS and the Turkish fascist mercenaries, who aim at eliminating her existence and undermining her will, this is a threat that faces all women in the world.

On behalf of the Syrian Democratic Board’s Women Bureau, we condemn and denounce at strongest terms these crimes committed against women and violations to their freedoms.



source: ANHA

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