Video shows clashes ongoing in al-Raqqa eastern axis


AL-RAQQA- The reporters of (Firat FM) radio station observed a part of the clashes ongoing east of al-Raqqa city.

The battles between Syrian Democratic Forces (SFD) and IS mercenaries in al-Raqqa city have been continuing since June 6 amid a notable advance of SDF in the three axes of the city.

In the eastern side, the clashes are ongoing at its strongest in al-Rowda neighborhood and inside Old al-Raqqa city neighborhoods after SDF fighters crossed Old Al-Raqqa Wall while the front witnessed fierce clashes, heavy weapons also were used in the clashes.

While in the western side, amid combing operation continuing, SDF dominated most of al-Diriya neighborhood except for some small areas which are held by IS mercenaries in the neighborhood according to what field commanders in this front stated.

In the same context, (Firat FM) station has published a video showing the clashes’ ferocity which are ongoing between SDF and IS mercenaries in the eastern front of al-Raqqa.



source: ANHA

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