Although she is at 9, IS enslaved her



KOBANÎ- In spite of her young age which does not exceed 9 years, she was enslaved by IS mercenaries who treated her violently, and in spite her suffering, her smile is still drawn on her childlike face.

In the massacre that was committed by the Daesh mercenaries in Şengal and Kojo village which is south of Şengal, Yazidis were exposed to attacks in August 15, 2014, as men were rounded up and executed together except for a few, and women and children were kidnapped and taken to Syria, to areas held by IS mercenaries, and they were inhumanly treated especially the women who became commodity for sale and purchase and also they became IS mercenaries’ servants.

Among the Yazidi families who were kidnapped, the little girl Alen’s family that consists of a father, a mother and 3 children. Firstly, the mercenaries took them to al-Tabqa 3 years ago, after about a year, Alen was kept away from her family.KOBANE-CIROKA-ZAROKEKE3

The mercenaries replaced Alen Ahmand’s name by Aya as her original name is Kurdish. In addition, the mercenaries forced her to wear the black veil that was imposed on people under the pretext of “Islamic law”.

The girl Alen who is at 9, from Kojo village narrated how she was living with IS mercenaries saying “after my family went, I was moved to an Amir’s called Abu Muhanad, and I was working at his house, and when I got tired, the wife of Amir would hit me to continue working”. Alen did not lose hope of returning to her family “I was always waiting for my parents to come back to me”.

Alen dreams of playing again with her siblings

Alen said “I miss my father, mother and siblings, and I hope to return again to my family to play with my siblings who are living now in Kojo village, related to Şengal. Moreover, as I came back, I would go to school to learn I am in the first grade of elementary school, “

SDF fighters who liberated the girl Alen in July 11 strive for sending the girl back to her family.



source: ANHA

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