All civilians besieged in al-Tayar freed, the wounded treated


AL-RAQQA- SDF’s special teams for liberating civilians managed before a while to liberate civilians in al-Tayar neighborhood roughly 450 civilians among them were some wounded as the mercenaries targeted them, the wounded were saved by the fighters.

The special teams for liberating civilians in Syrian Democratic Forces liberated before a while the remaining residents of al-Tayar neighborhood making up around 450 people amid fierce clashes, and snipers shooting at civilians while the SDF fighters try to rescue them.

Among the civilians taken to the field hospital were some whose situation was critical after a month-long tightened siege according to the liberated.

IS gangs have been besieging 600 civilians in al-Tayar after they were caught heading towards the safe SDF-held areas and prevented them from getting out, civilians who attempted to reach the liberated areas were a permanent target of Daesh gangs.

Thousands of civilians are still besieged by the Islamic State mercenaries at the center of the city and are preventing them from getting out to be used as human shields to protect themselves from SDF strikes as they advance within the city’s neighborhoods.




source: ANHA

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