Asiya Abdullah: to hold a national congress, practicality demanded



AL-SULIEMANIYAH- The Democratic Union Party’s Co-chair Asiya Abdullah said that attitudes and discussions are insufficient anymore, and practical steps to hold a comprehensive, national Kurdish congress is demanded.

Asiya’s statements came in an exclusive interview with Hawar news agency on the margins of her participation in the consultative meeting for the national unity which is being held now in al-Suliemaniyah city in Başûr (South) Kurdistan.

Asiya Abdullah evaluated this consultative meeting as crucial amid this sensitive stage, Asiya said” holding this congress at this sensitive, important stage and with of Kurdistan’s four parts’ parties and persona‘s participation is such an achievement, regional developments in general and the Kurdish in particular, mechanisms to preserve Kurdish people’s achievements, discussing holding a national Kurdish congress to draw the broad lines of Kurdish joint diplomacy and policies, and reaching a joint attitude to the dangers encircling the Kurdish people and their achievements will be discussed”.

Asiya Abdullah pointed out that supporting Kurdistan revolution and developing it could only be achieved by holding a Kurdish congress, Asiya said “ most speeches given emphasized on the necessity of preserving Rojava’s democratic achievements, particularly in the light of Turkish threats and dangers which target Afrin canton and al-Shahba, and the importance of Rojava revolution and supporting the federal project were also stressed on and this is what could be achieved by holding a Kurdistan national congress”.

Asiya also pointed out “it is possible to adopt a mechanism to begin holding the national congress, we positively evaluate this consultative meeting and perceive it as the initial step to hold a comprehensive Kurdish congress like electing committees in the 4 parts of Kurdistan to proceed with preparations to hold the congress”.

Asiya Abdullah emphasized, by the end of her speech, on the necessity of taking practical steps to hold the congress since” attitudes and discussions are insufficient anymore, all speeches emphasized on taking practical steps to hold a comprehensive congress and all Kurdish parties should work on holding the national congress”.



source: ANHA

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