First academy of self-protection duty leaders opened


KOBANÎ- Defense and Self-Protection Body in Kobanî canton opened the first academy for self-defense duty commanders by joining 100 fighters.KOBANE-VEKIRNA-AKADIMIYA-ERKAXWE-PARASTIN ‫(140837381)‬ ‫‬

The course was named by “Şehîd serkeft Azad” the commander in People  Protection Units (YPG) and who martyred in the campaign of Manbij city liberation.

The co-chair of Defense and Self-Protection Body Dilbrîn Kobanî, the co-chair of Martyrs’ Families Council in Kobanî canton Aref Baly and dozens of self-defense duty fighters and their families attended the course opening ceremonies.

The ceremonies began by performing a military parade by the fighters in self-defense duty. Then, the co-chair of Defense and Self-Protection Body in Kobanî canton Dilbrîn Kobanî delivered a speech and talked about the Turkish occupation army’s attacks on Afrin canton. Dilbrîn Kobanî made it clear that the fighters of self-defense deputy must be responsible for protecting their lands from any attack whether it was IS’ or others’.KOBANE-VEKIRNA-AKADIMIYA-ERKAXWE-PARASTIN ‫(140837380)‬ ‫‬

Dilbrîn called for all Kobanî people who did not join self-defense duty to join it and defend their land and nation.  Dilbrîn also promised to follow the martyrs’ footsteps till the mercenaries roll back from Rojava lands.

After the ceremonies finished, the first course in the academy opened by joining 100 fighters from the 7th course that was under the name “Şehîd Zana”. In addition, the course is supposed to last for 45 days and political, intellectual and military lessons would be given.




source: ANHA

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