In a sign of standing religions together, a church reopened



AMUDA – Amuda city people donated to the pastor of the church “Mar Alias” in Amuda city to rebuild the church as the pastor described this step as an evidence of religions and sects’ solidarity.

In Amuda, there are many archaeological monuments belong to several civilizations among them “Girê Mozê and Girê Şermole”. “Mar Alias” is one of the most ancient churches in Rojava and Syrian north, and one of the historical and archaeological monuments in Amuda.

The church was established in Amuda in 1927, and it was rebuilt and restored in the era of His Holiness Patriarch “Mar Ignatius Aphrem II” with the pursuit of His Eminence Patriarch “Mar Maurice”, but as time passed, the church has been destroyed and nobody has no longer visited it and strived for restoring it again.

To restore the church that goes back to more than 90 years, Amuda people donated to the Pastor of the church in the village Mar Maurice whose family is considered as the only family that did not migrate Amuda.


In the same context, Hawar news agency interviewed the pastor of the church Mar Maurice who stated that he has been responsible for taking care of the church from his grandparents, the pastor also noted that he would deliver it to his sons after his death as it is a historic ancient church and has a spiritual value.

Maurice stated that the reason of existing this church inside his house is that his family was responsible for its guarding and taking care of the church, and his family is the only Christian family in Amuda city now.

Maurice said that he is restoring the church now, after Amuda people denoted money for rebuilding it. And this step is an evidence of fraternity of people and standing all the religions and sects together.

Mar Alias Church is supposed to be opened again in Amuda city in the next few days.



source: ANHA

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