“Turkish state is trying to force the migrants away”


migrantsThe night before, the gangs allied to the invading Turkish army bombed the Shehba region and the Rubar Migrant Camp surroundings by artillery fire from Azaz. Fires broke out in the fields around the camp due to the bombing and migrants, especially children living in the camp, were struck with fear.

A migrant from the Shehba region, Meysa Mihemed said the following: “I was in my tent. Suddenly there was a loud noise. A hole opened up in my tent due to shrapnel. We were frightened, so we ran out and left the camp. My children were terrified.”

Migrant woman Meysa Mihemed also stated that the Turkish state wants to instill fear in the migrants to force them to move away again.

Another migrant named Ebdilrehman said, “What did the children do to deserve to live in such fear?” and continued: “We migrated because of them, we were looking for a safe place, but Erdoğan and his gangs don’t let us live here either, they are making our life hell. We want a peaceful life.”


Source: Firat News Agency

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source: Kurdish Info

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