“We won’t be able to forget what ISIS put us through”


sdf-fighter6The people who had to live under the inhumane practices of ISIS for years in Raqqa are taking back their freedom as SDF fighters enter the city center. A Raqqan family who were saved in the most recent large scale operation by the SDF fighters spoke of the pains they suffered and the dark days they faced because of ISIS. 70 year old Mother Rabia said they will never be able to forget what ISIS put them through and that they are overcome with joy for being saved.

The Great Battle the YPG-led SDF are waging with support from the US-led International Coalition to end the ISIS invasion in Raqqa continues. SDF fighters advance fighting towards the heart of the city from all directions. The fighters are also in the process of rescuing civilians ISIS took hostage and used as human shields in the city center. Hundreds of civilians have been rescued so far on the Eastern front.


These civilians are rescued sometimes en masse, and sometimes in smaller groups. Fighters often take great risks to reach the civilians. An elderly couple and their sons who were rescued two nights ago could only be brought to the safe zones after five hours of clashes by the fighters.


Civilians brought to the front’s medical point for controls spoke to the medics about what they went through. Mother Rabia, with fear still in her eyes, said: “Since Ramadan, they started killing so many people. They were constantly killing civilians. Me and my family have been unable to leave our home since Ramadan. I was afraid to leave. There were bodies everywhere. We saw so many bodies, we saw such horrors that it won’t be possible to forget them as long as we live. I was happy when I heard of the operation. I was constantly praying so the SDF would come and rescue us. And yes, the SDF has come and they have saved us. I don’t know how we will forget what we went through, what we saw.”


Mother Rabia said ISIS intensified the violence recently and that they were trapped in the city. They took the food the people had. And they took away all young men in the city. Those who try to flee are killed. They shoot everybody. “I have been hiding my son for days so they wouldn’t take him away. When I saw the SDF coming, I was relieved,” said Mother Rabia and she and her family were taken to safe zones by the SDF fighters.

Source: Firat News Agency

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source: Kurdish Info

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