Jaish al-Thuwar finished 4th course


AL-SHAHBA- Şehîd Nayem al-Sheikh Academy that is related to Jaish al-Thuwar (Rebels’ Army) in al-Shahba areas finished the training 4th course that comprised 50 fighters.SEHBA-DERCUNA-DEWREYA-CEYS-ELSIWAR

Jaish al-Thuwar finished on Sunday the 4th training course during ceremonies which were attended by commanders of Jaish al-Thuwar, Jabhet al-Akrad (Kurdish Front), Homs Commandos Brigade, al-Shahba Asayîş Forces, Clans’ Forces and dozens of fighters.

The course that lasted for two months was under the name “Mahmoud Muhammad Khayr”, and the fighters received military and intellectual lessons in addition to lessons about the battles tactics, ambushing and how to use heavy weapons.

The ceremonies started by performing a military parade by Jaish al-Thuwar fighters as the fighters performed the military activities including discipline and martial arts which they have trained during the course.

Then, the commander in Jaish al-Thuwar Abdul Qader al-Sharad, the military leader in Jaish al-Thuwar Delsher Adlib and the Syrian Democratic National Coalition’s member Ahmad al-A’raj delivered speeches.


Speeches were about how many fighters of Jaish al-Thuwar martyred for the sake Syrian people freedom. Speeches also were delivered about the martyr Nayem al-Sheikh who martyred in al-Shahba villages which have previously been liberated. Moreover, they praised the fighters who finished the training course.

They stated that they would follow the footsteps of the martyrs and they would stand against the Turkish occupation army that aims at occupying the area.

The ceremonies ended by dancing in rings with the revolutionary songs.

The martyrs Nayem al-Sheikh and Mahmoud Muhammad Khayr martyred in the campaigns of al-Shahba towns and villages liberation from the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army and IS.




source: ANHA

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