July 19th Revolution: a suitable response to Kurds enemies



KOBANÎ – The preparatory committee of the July 19th Festival finished all the preparations in order to hold the first festival in Rojava that would be held in Kobanî city and would last for two days after holding a series of preparatory meetings.

The Civil Society Institution and Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) in Kobanî have formed a committee to prepare for the 6th anniversary July 19th Revolution of Rojava.

The festival would be launched from Kobanî canton where the first spark of July 19th Revolution broke out, and the festival would include many various shows. In addition to that, all the squares and streets were ornamented by martyrs’ pictures and flags.

Our agency interviewed the member of the Operatory Committee and the member of Baqy Khedo Center for Culture and Art Avin Berawad who stated that July 19th Festival would be the suitable response to the Kurdish people enemies.

Avin said that the Kurdish people marched their first step for liberation and struggled in order to reach this historic stage.

Avin continued “19th July Festival is the first festival in Rojava as it would be the beginning of starting celebrations in all Rojava cities, and this festival would be a clear and explicit massage which states that Rojava peoples are coming together and the Kurdish people are stuck to the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan’s philosophy and perspectives.

Avin called for all Rojava peoples especially the Kurdish people to support July 19th Revolution and to preserve what the Kurdish people achievements during past years.

The member of preparatory Committee Avin Berawad concluded saying “the Kurdish people are struggling for their leader in all international squares and forums and for the sake of his liberation and freedom.



source: ANHA

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