A lifetime dedicated to health care for the people of Qandil


dr.medya_With the beginning of spring also some illnesses are having new ground to spread. To protect the civilians from those illnesses, Dr. Medya is canvassing the villages and uplands of Qandil with the limited means that offers her providing the people with thorough medical examinations.

On this occasion ANF met and had a conversation with Dr. Medya and the inhabitants of the Binare Qandil, who had gathered at the check-up tent.

At first Dr. Medya thanked the Health Committee of Binare Qandil for their aid. Dr. Medya stated that through the support they receive from the people, they are able to provide them with the necessary medical service, pointing out that above that the Health Committee of the KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) is supplying them a fund for their health service, with which they are able to cover themselves with medicines. She also called on the Kurdistan Regional Government to offer them some help. Dr. Medya said: “The Kurdistan Regional Government needs to adopt a sensitive attitude towards the people. The people of the Binare Qandil are citizens of this country, they are no foreigners. The government needs definitely to shoulder its responsibilities and duty.”

Dr. Medya stated that they also have a hospital at Binare Qandil, but in order to reach truly every single person they have launched medical check-up control visits to the highlands and villages. Medya continued, saying: “Most of the people of Binare Qandil are getting their drinking water from the lake. Therefore during summer time children are caught up with sicknesses like typhoid fever. To prevent suchlike illnesses we need to conduct medical examinations at the villages themselves.”

One of the inhabitants of Binare Qandil, Ahmed, said that he has come here for a medical check-up and said: “The Kurdistan Regional Government needs to provide assistance to the healthcare services. People who have been bitten by scorpions, snakes or are seriously ill face difficulties to reach a hospital as they are situated too far away. But Dr. Medya is trying her best to offer medical service despite the very restricted means she has.”

Also Mehmed Emîn stressed that Dr. Medya is making great efforts for the people of Binare Qandil and expressed his gratitude to her. Emin called upon all the people living in the Binare Qandil, saying: “All the people of the Binare Qendil need to unite and pressurize the Kurdistan Regional Government to set up the foundations for a health care service. The Regional Government must take some steps in that direction, as the population of Binare Qandil is considerably large and is in dire need of health protection.”

Citizen Zeynep expressed her contentedness for the medical check-up, saying: “This health control offers a great service to our region.”


Source: Firat News Agency

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