More tragedies come to light in al-Tabqa


AL-TABQA- Though al-Tabqa people are enjoying safety within their city, still, the refugees are suffering from poor living conditions especially in terms of medical care.WEDHA ISA U KECA WE ZEHRA MIHEMED

More than 300,000 refugees among them 150,000 refugees from al-Tabqa city and about 175,000 from al-Tabqa countryside live in al-Tabqa according to uncompleted statistics of the office of organization’s affairs in Al-Tabqa Civil Council.

The number of the refugees who are fleeing death towards safe areas including al-Tabqa which was liberated by SDF 3 months ago.

Although many international organizations visited al-Tabqa and promised to insure medical aids, the refugees suffer from difficult living conditions.

In Arts School, 75 families live there and they are suffering from lack of health care.

Mustafa Faraj al-Sheikh who displaced from al-Ghajar village, held by Syrian regime, west of al-Tabqa talked about his suffering as he has lost his two legs and he has been using artificial limbs since 30 years, in addition to that, he lost his right hand while his left one is damaged. Mustafa calls for providing him with medical and food support.

In a relevant concern, Wadha al-Issa who is a refugee from al-Debsy areas west of al-Raqqa which is held by Syrian regime, expressed her daughter’s situation Zahrah al-Muhammad saying “my daughter has been in a comma for seven years and that was in the result of a medical error”.ZEHRA MIHEMED

Wadha stated “we have displaced to al-Tabqa since two months without receiving any kind of medical help”.

In the same context, another refugee from al-Raqqa “F,KH” talked about her daughter’s situation Ilaf Kareem saying “my daughter suffers a disability that prevents her from walking, she has not received any medical treatment since nearly four years”.

Mahmoud Ibrahim al-Shallal who is a refugee form al-Debsy areas and is at 15 said “my leg has broken in the result of a warplane bombardment, and now I am living without any medical aid”.
Abdul Ghany Batah, another refugee from al-Raqqa described his bad financial situation and he is deaf so he expressed his self by writing on paper”.




source: ANHA

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