200  thousand refugees returned to al-Tabqa in 3 months


AL-TABQA- Refugees’ number coming back to al-Tabqa and its countryside has risen to 200 thousand since 3 months.

With al-Tabqa city liberation since May 10 by Syrian Democratic Forces, its people began flowing to the city, on the first month of its liberation, around 50 thousand people returned to al-Tabqa and its countryside.

Al-Tabqa population once some parts of the city were held by IS gangs did not exceed 15 thousand.

Many refugees had to displace from Rojava areas abroad because of the mercenaries’ acts; recruiting children and eliminating all kinds of life in the city between 2014 till May 10, 2017.

As stability and security were solidified by SDF, Interior Security Forces in the city and councils were formed, services were improved, more and more people began flowing to city of al-Tabqa thus around 200 thousand people have come back till now, according to the Organizations Affairs Office in al-Tabqa Civil Council.




source: ANHA

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