Al-Raqqa: ongoing clashes, 23 mercenaries killed, arms seized


NEWS DESK- 23 mercenaries at least were killed and 6 bodies were seized by the SDF fighters, in addition to that, others were wounded during the battles that took place in al-Raqqa city on Saturday and an arm repository was taken.

Al-Raqqa city liberation campaign launched in June 6 by Syrian Democratic Forces continues.

In this context, clashes have been going on in Old al-Raqqa neighborhood south of al-Raqqa city since three days; Saturday clashes resulted in killing a number of IS gangs and others were wounded; moreover, 6 bodies were seized.

The fighters also took an arm and ammunition repository of IS gangs was also taken.

In al-Rowda neighborhood northeast of al-Raqqa city, clashes erupted between the fighters and IS gangs leaving 7 mercenaries killed.

In al-Diriya neighborhood, the clashes resulted in killing 4 mercenaries and wounding others, and a SDF fighter was also wounded.

While the clashes in al-Barid neighborhood east of al-Raqqa city resulted in killing 6 mercenaries, and 3 SDF fighters martyred and 3 were wounded.

Information obtained include violent clashes going on in Old al-Raqqa neighborhood, while other neighborhoods witness intermittent clashes between SDF fighters and IS gangs.




source: ANHA

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