10,000 refugees living in al-Sadd Camp



AL-HASAKAH- The refugees’ number who fled the mercenaries’ violation is increasing in al-Sadd Camp in al-Shadady district as the number of the refugees reached 10,000 amid the lack of the humanitarian organizations’ help.HESEKE-KAMPA-SEDADE1 ‫(1)‬ ‫‬

The refugees of al-Sadd Camp which is adjacent to al-Areesha town in al-Shadady district in al-Hasakah canton are suffering from lack of help as the humanitarian organizations ignore the refugees’ situations.

Hawar news agency had a look at the refugees’ situations in the camp as the refugees expressed their resentment about the organizations’ negligence. The refugee Ahmad al-Daaboul from al-Mayadin area stated that he with his wife and little girl fled IS mercenaries’ violation 25 days ago to live safe and sound in Rojava area, but they are still starving in the camp.

Al-Daaboul said “I demand the humanitarian organizations to provide us with aid because the camp’s possibilities are limited”.

In addition, the refugee Maryam al-Ali from Deir ez-Zor city said “we fled IS mercenaries to get rid of oppression and insults that we were being exposed to at the hands of IS mercenaries”.HESEKE-KAMPA-SEDADE1 ‫(1)‬

Maryam al-Ali added “we got rid of terrorism, but we are still suffering from instability because of the lack of the tents as 3 or 4 families are living in a tent”.

The refugee Maryam al-Ali concluded her speech hoping that the organizations would be aware of their situations and help them.

The administrative in al-Sadd Camp Shamsah Issa stated that the number of the refugees are increasing and their number has reached 10,000 till now.SEMSA ISA

The administrative in al-Sadd Camp in al-Areesha town Shamsah Issa concluded saying “the humanitarian organizations do not take the refugees’ suffering into account while they come to take photos”. Moreover, Shamsah Issa demanded the humanitarian organizations to take the refugees’ situation into account.



source: ANHA

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