Syrian North: 1st spot in the world adopting co-presidency


QAMISHLO –The North Syria Democratic Federalism adopted the co-presidency system in all its administrative bodies, starting from the commune and ending with the Conference of Democratic Peoples after the establishment of the system in the social contract. This step is the first of its kind implemented in the whole world.

The co-chair of the Constituent Assembly of the North-Syria Democratic Federation, Hadiya Yousef, during a meeting of the Democratic Movement for Democratic Community Relations Committees in the Cizîre region to discuss the latest political developments in the region and the democratic federal elections scheduled for 22 September. I explained that their application of the model of the co-presidency in all democratic federalism’s apparatuses is to prevent the hegemony of one gender in making decisions.

Hadiya Yousef, showed that the common presidential system between men and women is the basic criterion for a democratic system in any area.

It is noteworthy that the municipalities of northern Kurdistan also adopted the system of the co-presidency , but the experience of the North Syria Federation is the first constitutional application of the system of the co-presidency, where the social contract was approved on by the Federal Constituent Assembly to adopt the co-presidency in all areas of political and social life and others and consider it a fundamental principle in equal representation of the sexes  and contributing to the organization and consecration of the democratic confederal system for women as their own existence.




source: ANHA

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