Injured by IS mines, she was prevented from receiving treatment


Injured by IS mines, she was prevented from receiving treatment


AL-RAQQA- She was injured by a landmine planted by IS mercenaries and they prevented her from receiving treatment at the hospital in al-Raqqa city which is under their control. Wounded, she was thrown in the street.

The old mother “Fatima”, as she called herself because of the fear and horror left by IS mercenaries in the hearts of people, she was completely devastated, her features were enough to reflect suffering she has gone through within al-Raqqa city, she cannot speak well, her lips were ragged by thirst, her eyes dried up from the frequent crying on her relatives who do not know anything about them.

A month ago, Fatima tried to flee from the Matihana neighborhood of al- Raqqa city to the Syrian Democratic Forces’ points where a landmine planted by IS mercenaries blew up at the junction between the neighborhood and the areas of Syrian Democratic Forces, and she was seriously injured on both feet. some civilians had taken her to the National Hospital, but the IS mercenaries did not receive her in the hospital and threw her out and prevented her from receiving treatment.

Fatima stayed in street alleys for several days suffering of pain of her injury while one of the city’s doctors secretly treated her, and she stayed in a house for ten days, and when IS mercenaries knew about her presence there they had thrown her back in the alleys of the city and had burned the house.

She stayed in the streets again for several days suffering from disease, hunger and thirst until the arrival of Syrian Democratic Forces on the evening of October 15, and they helped and delivered her to the field hospital where the medical staff of Kurdish Red Crescent has treated her and then has transferred her to a hospital outside the city.

(H/ S)


source: ANHA

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