Regugees’ number reached 25,000, their suffering increasing


AIN ISSA- The refugees’ suffering is increasing a day by day in Ain Issa camp in Ain Issa district in Girê Sipî/Tel Abyed canton with rain falling and the approaching of Winter. Water infiltrated into the tents of the refugees after Sunday midnight. Many displaced families also sleep under rain without a shelter. Moreover, A number of refugees expressed their resentment for the situations in the camp.

Ain Issa camp is suffering from its limit potentials despite the support provided by Ain Issa institutions as many families are still habiting in the wilderness in coincidence with approaching Winter season.EN ISA-ESEN-KOCBERAN (2)

Hawar news agency interviewed with a number of refugees as the Iraqi refugee who refused to disclose her name stated “we stayed on Sunday night in a small tent all night standing on our feet because of the water leaking into the tent. We are 14 people and 5 children. Our children have been  crying all the night because of cold and hunger, and we have not received assistance till now.”

“We fled the oppression of IS mercenaries and the brutality of the Iraqi army searching for a decent life. We headed towards the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and we found what we were looking for, but we need urgent humanitarian assistances from the international organizations.” The refugee added.


In a related context, the administrative in the camp Jalal al-Ayyaf said “the number of refugees have reached 25,000, and more than 2,300 are in the section where the residents of Deir ez-Zor are living. There are more than 13,000 refugees and 300 Iraqi families in the camp while it has not been equipped for Winter yet. We have  appealed to the humanitarian organizations to provide assistance, but we have not received any thing so far.”

“We ask the international organizations to provide all the refugees with heating materials and Winter clothes. We help the refugees as much as possible.”



source: ANHA

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