Tirbê Sipî’s components commemorate PKK founding


QAMISLO– On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of PKK, dozens of people from Tirbê Sipî attended with its components a celebration organized by Democratic Society Movement.

And with the presence of dozens of people from various components, Autonomy Administration institutions, independent political persons and political parties, and on the occasion of the anniversary of the founding PKK, Democratic Society Movement in Tirbê Sipî district organized a party at the Academy Martyr Yekta Hercules.

The celebration began with a minute of silence. After that, Suleiman Badr, the administrator in Democratic Union Party, congratulated the anniversary and touched upon the great sacrifices made by the party and went on the thought and philosophy and leader Ocelan to rid the peoples of the region and all its components of slavery and injustice.

He added “The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is an international party that has undertaken to liberate Kurdistan and liberate all oppressed peoples and its struggle over the past 40 years has been the fruit of the liberation of peoples,”

After the speech by the director of the Democratic Union Party Suleiman Badr, the Martyr Viyan band of Heizel Center for Culture and Art presented folkloric dance and Martyr Khabat band some of the revolutionary songs.

The ceremony ended with the holding of dance workshops on the impact of Kurdish and Arabic songs.





source: ANHA

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