Targeting archaeological sites , dams is a common denominator between IS , Turkey


AL-TABQA- The Turkish aggression on Afrin has shown for nine consecutive days the similarities between mercenaries and the Turkish army by targeting dams and archaeological sites.EFR-XERABKIRINA-GIRE-ENDAR-DIROKI-WNCAM-TOPBARAN-TIRK ‫(1)‬

During occupation of Palmyra  city in central Syria, the mercenaries  were destroyed during two months in October 2015, the Arc of Triumph, a major monument in the ancient city in Palmyra after destroying two archaeological temples in that place, which is a jewel in the magnificent collection of monuments in Palmyra.

A few days after his aggression against Afrin, the Turkish occupation army destroyed the ancient Ain Dara temple in Shirawa district of Afrin canton in northern Syria.

No position has yet been issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

As for the dams, during the operation launched by the Iraqi army in October 2016 to liberate Mosul, the mercenaries repeatedly threatened to destroy the Mosul dam.

Today, nine days after the Turkish aggression on Afrin, the Turkish occupation army is targeting Midanki Dam for the second time in a row in an attempt to destroy the dam.



source: ANHA

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