Martyrdom of the media YPJ Avrin  during the resistance of the times


NEWS DESK – Women’s Protection Units  (YPJ )have announced the martyrdom of the media in the women’s protection units(YPJ ) Afrin Masoum while covered by the attacks of the Turkish occupation army in Rajo district in Afrin canton

The media center of the women’s protection units (YPJ) issued a written statement announcing the martyrdom of the media in the women’s protection units (YPJ) Avrin Masoum during her coverage of the resistance events of the era that the fighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG , YPJ) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries held on 27 January.YPJ-2-1

The text of the statement:

“For 11 days, the Turkish occupation state and with the support of its terrorist gangs have launched an attack on the Afrin region. In the face of this attack,  thefighters of the People’s and Women’s Protection Units (YPG, YPJ)will be patrolling heroic and historic events that will remain immortal forever and will be remembered by successive generations. In order to follow up on the escalating resistance events in Afrin, free journalists are heading to the battle fronts and trenches alongside the fighters to document and document the resistance events moment by moment. On January 27, terrorist gangs belonging to the Turkish occupation state attacked in Rajo district in Afrin. The fighters  of (YPG , YPJ )attacked and were able to retrieve many of the sites that the terrorists controlled

During these battles and clashes, the media joined the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ) Avrin Masoum in the convoy of martyrs while covering the events of resistance to the era on the front fronts, and show the camera lens and the brutality of the Turkish state of world opinion. The activist Afrin was infallible with the revolutionary spirit and the virtues of the military correspondence. They were always on the side of the fighters and without hesitation in all the battles in the area of Afrin. And did not hesitate to resist and fight alongside the units to protect women if required to do so. She did not give up her quest to show the truth. She participated in numerous military campaigns such as visits, Tal Refa’at, Minag ,  al-Qumiya and al-Shabba , and finally participated in the resistance of the times in Afrin.

Avrin has proved again that the approach of the martyrs Romt, Ayil, Gharib, Dilishan, Razkar, Tolhildan Welat is still alive and that our fighters will carry out the responsibilities and tasks incumbent upon them everywhere and at any time and will continue to struggle for the cause of their people to the end.

On behalf of all the media personnel in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), we pledge the martyr Avrin Masoum, the martyr Tolhildan, and all the martyrs of the revolution to continue their approach to conveying the truth to public opinion.



source: ANHA

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