Writer: Turkey, Iran, Israel destroy urbanization, people in Syria ,Iraq


NEWS DESK-The regional trio, Turkey, Iran and Israel, is practically mandated by the civil wars that have destroyed Iraq and Syria, and stressed that Erdogan is afraid of Syria’s Vietnam.

In an article by the Lebanese journalist Mohammed Ali Farahat, in al-Hayat newspaper entitled “Trilateral Turkey, Iran and Israel,” the writer points out that the words of Recep Tayyip Erdogan are often contradictory and ambiguous. They reflect a confusion between Ankara’s interests in Syria and its geographical problems in the northeast of Mediterranean Sea.

He says that the words of the Iranian leader Ali Khamenei are limited to the Palestinian slogan, an extension of Khomeini’s speech, which made Palestine a bridge to cross into the Arab East and from it to the Muslims of the world. It focuses on the bridge and neglects the suffering of the Iranians and the Arab opposition to Tehran’s attempts to capture their decision.

The writer notes that the words of the right-wing Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu addresses the international community in the language of a prime minister defending its democracy in a region dominated by tyranny, so it is in the case of legitimate defense even with the extension of its occupation to every field and house in the West Bank and with the proliferation of settlements on the land of others.

According to the Lebanese writer and journalist, the regional trio, Turkey, Iran and Israel, seems dedicated to the international duo, Moscow-Washington, and is practically empowered by the civil wars that destroy Iraq and Syria. But the mandate does not mean a war between the regional tripartite s. Each of the tripartite has direct or indirect contact with local religious, sectarian, tribal, ethnic, and ideological forces, who are engaged in blind wars and do not dislike the blood of innocent people and the monuments of civilization. There is awareness among the regional tripartite that the arrival of the spark of the war and beyond the local agents means that the trio will lose its independent will to become a blind instrument for the international duo..

The writer, Mohammed Ali Farahat, points out that the regional trio does not appear to be comfortable with sponsoring barbaric agents’ wars, especially in Syria … Then the overthrow and destruction of Syria, which is taking place on the ground, seem to have no clear objective.

In conclusion, Mohammed Ali Farahat emphasizes that Russia-America bilateral relations are the strongest, despite the wars of speech between the two foreign ministries. As for the regional trio, Israel seems more fortunate than Iran and Turkey.



source: ANHA

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