Eurasia Daily: Turkey sinks in Afrin .. its losses increase


NEWS DESK – The newspaper “Eurasia Daily”  noted that the Turkish occupation army after a month of fighting failed to control any large town in Afrin, and has so far provided half of the losses that it provided for six months during its occupation of Jrablos  and al-Bab .

“The olive branch is going on and the losses are increasing,” wrote the Middle East section of the daily newspaper Eurasia Daily, about the situation in Afrin four weeks after the start of the Turkish aggression.

The newspaper pointed to the continued attacks by Turkish forces and the so-called “Free Syrian Army”, in the region of Afrin in north-west Syria in its fourth week. In a month of fighting, the 25,000-strong contingent, with air support, broad artillery shelling and raids by Turkish special forces, failed to control any large town in Afrin, saying the Turkish attack was taking on a long-term nature, Turkish policy initially spoke of plans for a transient attack on the city of Afrin, located in the center of the region of the same name.

The newspaper pointed out that Turkey during its attacks on the areas of the northern Syrian occupied by now, “was not disturbed by anyone, and did not intervene on the date of termination of one. In addition, at separate stages of the so-called “Euphrates Shield”, they received reconnaissance and air support from US forces in the area and, at the final stage of the mission, from the Russian military security services. As for the olive branch, Russia and the United States are very negative.



source: ANHA

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