Electrical repair workshops complete 85% of its work in eastern countryside of al-Raqqa


AL-RAQQA- Electricity repair workshops in People Municipality al-Karama have managed to repair electricity networks, with nearly 85% of the electricity service lines repaired in the eastern countryside.

As part of the effort to repair and rehabilitate the electricity grid, the rehabilitation workshops of People Municipality in al-Raqqa city have managed to repair about 85% of the electricity lines in the city.


Where the service line has been repaired from al-Burashid speed bump to al-Haws to al-Jadidat to al-Karama area. The service line feeds water pumping stations and health centers only.

In this context, the technician responsible in the electricity workshop Khalif al-Faraj said that a large part of the service line has been repaired to this day after the liberation of al-Raqqa and its countryside of IS mercenaries.

He stressed that within two days, the workshop will complete the repair of the service line completely from the brick factory in al-Hamarat to the east of al-Burashid, east to to repair the networks within neighborhoods in al-Karama and its countryside.



source: ANHA

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