Ain Issa; safe camp embraces 23,000 refugees


AIN ISSA– More than 23,000 are displaced in an Ain Issa camp, and the refugees number is daily increasing, organizations and the camp administration seek to secure the needs and requirements of the displaced.EYNESA-KONE-KOGBIRAN (5)

Ain Issa camp is daily receiving more than 500 displaced persons who have fled from the areas of constant shelling and continuous clashes, especially Deir–ez-Zor al-Mayadin and al- Bou Kamal.

According to the figures reported by the administrative of the camp Jalal Ayaf, the number of displaced persons in the Ain Issa camp is more than 23,000 displaced persons from all Syrian regions, of whom 8 thousand displaced from al-Raqqa are living in 930 tents, while the number of Deir–ez-Zor refugees reaches to about 15 thousand, and it is increasing while the number of tents allocated to them is 1300 tents, and to the limited possibilities, 2000 displaced people are sleeping in the open.

Some organizations are working in the camp to provide assistance and providing all the needs of food, household items, blankets and tents, while other organizations secure and distribute water through water tanks and providing humanitarian assistance, but the assistance does not suffice the needs of all refugees.EYNESA-KONE-KOGBIRAN (4)

Mohammed Thabet Yousuf, a resident of Ain Issa refugee camp had fled with his family from the town of Bou Kamal located east of Deir-ez-Zor as a result of the bombing of the Syrian regime and the Russian forces against humanity.

Thabat Yousef told the Hawar News Agency about the suffering of his family when they stayed in the area and the destruction

and devastation that the region is witnessing today. “The suffering that was passing through the town of Bou Kamal was untold suffering, we were witnessing destruction in all respects, and the Syrian and Russian regimes have been committing massacres against civilians every day, so we have been displaced from our homes. We have come to Ain Issa camp for its security and stability.”




source: ANHA

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