PKK says 442 Kurdish fighters, 2,982 Turkish police killed since last year

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QANDIL,— Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) armed wing, the HPG, has released casualty figures of the past year’s clashes between Kurdish rebels and the Turkish army according to which 442 guerrillas and 2,982 Turkish police and soldiers have been killed. In a statement issued on Tuesday the HPG also said the ruling Justice and Development Party […]

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2,140 refugees entered Efrîn amid appeals to QSD



EFRÎN– 2140 refugees have arrived to Efrîn Canton escaping Şehba and other Syrian regions, the refugees made appeals to QSD to liberate their areas from IS mercenaries.

Refugees movement from Şehba and different Syrian regions continues since May 25 fleeing the ongoing battles there, 2140 refugees including children, women, and elderly people to the Canton amid facilities given by the Autonomous Administration.

A refugee from the countryside of Aleppo said that the mercenaries are preventing people from escaping to safer areas and added that their journey lasted two days.

A refugee from Bab city entered the Canton with his family after 3 hours on foot, and they had hidden themselves at night between trees and went on walking till he got to Efrîn. And appealed to QSD forces to free their areas and restore security and peace.

Another refugee complained of the shortage of humanitarian aid and food in the Robar camp.




source: ANHA

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2,411 refugees arrive in Efrîn in two days


refugees-14The wave of immigration into Efrîn canton continues. Civilians escaping the clashes and gang attacks in Aleppo city center and villages, Şehba region and Rakka turn towards Efrîn.

According to Efrîn Asayish Forces, 2,411 people have arrived in Efrîn in just 2 days.

The refugees arriving in Efrîn say they are escaping the cruelty ISIS and other gang groups and that the streets of their cities are filled with bodies.

The refugees say most families were killed en masse and they have come to Efrîn that they consider safe with the hope that the clashes end.

Efrîn Social Council has göne into an intense work tempo to meet the needs of the refugees. The Martyr Rubar Refugee Camp in the canton is almost full.

International institutions are yet to take action for the refugees in Efrîn.


Source: Firat News Agency

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2,000 People Executed by Islamic State Since Fall of Mosul

Sardar Sattar

BAGHDAD – The Iraqi Vice President has strongly condemned Islamic State’s (IS) arbitrarily killings in Mosul as the group recently announced they had carried out 2,000 executions since they took control of the city.

Osama al-Nujaifi’s office released a statement yesterday August 5th, saying that the people of Mosul have made the greatest sacrifices in confronting the jihadist group.

Local sources reported that IS authorities have released the names of 2,000 Mosul residents been executed by the group. The insurgents have ordered the coroner to issue death certificates for the victims.

Vice President Al-Nujaifi urged the Iraqi central government to take serious steps to liberate the province and free the people.

He doubts the efficiency of the international coalition efforts, saying that the coalition forces are facing a hard examination to prove their will to “really defeat IS”.

He blames the Iraqi government, the UN and international community for “allowing the situation in Mosul to get worse.”

source: BasNews

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