20,000 citizens returned to al-Tabqa


AL-TABQA- Al-Tabqa city and its countryside witnessed an active return movement during the last three months. The number of the returnees to al-Tabqa from abroad reached 20,000 citizens who came from various countries after the city was liberated in May 10 by Syrian Democratic Forces. FESEL XALID

SDF and the Interior Security Forces’ work; insuring safety and security in the city and the municipality’s services like turning on the bakeries, insuring water for most of al-Tabqa areas helped al-Tabqa abroad people to return.

The number of people in al-Tabqa before liberation was only 15,000, and those were obliged to stay as the mercenaries intended to use them as human shields against SDF.

With al-Tabqa liberation and during three months, the number of population increased and reached 200,000 according to the Organizations Affairs’ office in al-Tabqa Civil Council.

Hawar news agency interviewed the worker in Bullman bus office Feisal al-Khaled and Feisal stated that the number of the returnees during the last three months reached 20,000 citizens.

Al-khaled assured that most of the returnees were living in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and some of them were in the refugees’ camps in Jordan.




source: ANHA

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20,000 Iraqi Soldiers Prepared to Re-Take Mosul

Nuwar Faqie

BAGHDAD – With the Iraqi army successfully checking Islamic State (IS) advances in northern and western provinces of Iraq, security sources have revealed that thousands of soldiers have been trained and are ready to liberate Mosul, the capital of Nineveh Province.

Joint operations spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Rasool revealed that 20,000 Iraqi soldiers have finished military training and are ready to carry out operations to liberate IS-held areas.

Rasool said that now the Iraqi army has proved its ability to drive the jihadists back from a vast area, they will initiate plans for further advances.

Major General Najim Abdullah al-Jabouri, commander of the anticipated operation to free Mosul, confirmed that the 20,000 soldiers have been training at the Speicher military base in Tikrit, Salahaddin Province.

Spokesperson for the Iraqi Joint Special Operations Command, Brigadier General Saad Maan, said that Beiji, in northern Iraq has been completely cleared of IS insurgents, and repeated offensives by the jihadists are being successfully repelled.

source: BasNews

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