3,372 women nominated themselves for communes’ co-chairs



AD-DARBASIYA- The co-chair of the Electoral Commission in the al–Jazeera region Ruken Mullah Ibrahim has explained that the number of nominated for the co-chair of the communes has exceeded 3,372 women.

The statements of the co-chair of the Electoral Commission in the al-Jazeera region Ruken Mullah Ibrahim in an interview conducted by the Hawar news agency on the role of women in the elections for the democratic federalism of north Syria.

She noted that the mechanism of the electoral process happened in a superior manner and witnessed a great response by the people of the al-Jazeera region, especially women she said “everyone wants to participate in the success of the system of democratic federalism in north Syria, starting with the formation of the communes which are the basic nucleus of democratic federalism and the basic organization of direct democracy,”

Ruken Mullah Ibrahim confirmed “women’s turnout from various components in the al-Jazeera region to apply for democratic federal elections in north Syria has been very significant, which shows her determination to continue the struggle she has started since the beginning of the revolution”.

Co-chair of the Electoral Commission Ruken Mullah Ibrahim has explained that the number of applications for women candidates in al- Jazeera region has reached more than 3,332 women from 2,467 communes.

She added “although we are going through the first experiments to form a system of democratic federalism, we did not face great difficulties hampering the conduct of the electoral process.

The co-chair of the Commission pointed out that the Office of Human Rights in the al-Jazeera region will undertake its role to monitor the electoral process.

It should be noted that on September 22nd, the communes co–chair elections will be held at the level of the three region of Rojava (West Kurdistan), According to the declaration of the Constituent Assembly for Democratic Federation of north Syria



source: ANHA

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3,500 electoral cards distributed in Afrin, underway in districts



AFRIN– Preparatory subcommittees related to the Elections High Commission distributed 3,500 electoral cards to the residents of Ashrafieh and Zaidiyah neighborhoods in Afrin city of Afrin region while the cards will be distributed today in all district of the canton.EFRIN-BELAVKIRINA-BELGEYA-HILBIJARTINE ‫(167248389)‬ ‫‬

The members of the preparatory subcommittees in the city of Afrin began distributing electoral cards to the people of the neighborhood of Ashrafieh and Zaidiyah.

The committee, which divided its members into two sections, each of them handled a neighborhood and began to register the names of the people and distribute electoral cards on them and put the seal of the commune on them after verifying their identity.

As for the district of Afrin canton, the ballot papers were sent on September 3 to the members of the subcommittees to supervise the elections in the districts. The sub-committees will distribute the cards today in all respects.EFRIN-BELAVKIRINA-BELGEYA-HILBIJARTINE ‫(167248385)‬ ‫‬

As a result, the number of candidates in the center of the city of Afrin and its sub-districts for the communes’ co –chairs in the offices of the Electoral Commission increased to 1,360 candidates and candidates, and the influx continues.

The number of candidates in the center of the city of Afrin 284 is candidates and candidates, and in the area of Jandrers is 220, Rajo 259, in Mobata district 168, Shera 122, Bulbul 129, Shiah 63, Sherawa 115 and the nomination is open until the end of 5/9/2017.BESIVAN MURAD

During a meeting with the Elections High Commission’s co–chair, Pêşvan Murad, he said that they had extended the nomination period to the people day so that those who did not have the time to register their names today, said: “We also hope that all parents come to the polls to cast their votes to choose their candidates “And called the people who did not receive the ballot card to review the Electoral Commission or the communes to receive it.”

The names of candidates accepted for the communes’ co-chairs are scheduled to be announced on September 11, and elections are scheduled for September 22.




source: ANHA

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3,392 Yazidi, mostly women and children, still in IS captivity: Sinjar mayor

Editorial Staff

DUHOK, Iraq’s Kurdistan region,— Based on statistics there are still 3,392 Yazidis, including children, remaining in Islamic State group (IS) Daesh captivity, the mayor of Sinjar said on Thursday. Speaking during a press conference in Duhok, Mayor Mahma Khalil called on the U.S.-led Coalition forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to find the still-captured […]

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source: Kurd Net – Ekurd.net Daily News

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3,000 civilians reached the liberated areas


AL-RAQQA- 3,000 civilians from Adnaniyah village northwest of al-Raqqa reached the liberated areas by SDF.REQA-217x300

According to the information received from the areas of clashes in al-Raqqa, 3,000 civilians from Adnaniyah village which is 9 km northwest of al-Raqqa city reached the liberated areas after they fled their village that is still held by IS mercenaries.

The information also stated that people are still fleeing the occupied areas by IS.


source: ANHA

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3,500 foodstuff baskets distributed on al-Raqqa refugees


AL-HASAKAH– Rojava Organization has distributed in coordination with al-Mawadah Charity foodstuff on the refugees of al-Raqqa and its villages which have not been liberated yet.   HSK-ALIKARE-LI-NAZHE-RQAI-HAT-BALVKRN5

Syrian Democratic Forces liberating al-Karamah town, thousands of al-Raqqa people and its countryside have been displaced to the town, Social Affairs and Labour Body opened in Cizîre canton a camp in the town in accordance to the available possibilities.

In this concern, Rojava Organization has distributed in coordination with al-Mawadah charity 3,500 foodstuff baskets on the refugees residing in al-Karamah town.

Ali Silo a member of al-Mawada charity said that liberating al-Karamah, thousands of al-Raqqa people have been flowing to the town, Silo said” we are undertaking our humanitarian tasks in helping those refugees who fled IS oppression.

Silo stated that they are coordinating with Rojava Organization in distributing 3,500 foodstuff baskets asserting that they are continuing in supporting refugees and fulfilling their need as much as possible.HSK-ALIKARE-LI-NAZHE-RQAI-HAT-BALVKRN3

The co-chair of Rojava Organization Nijbeer Fatah appealed to humanitarian organizations to help al-Raqqa refugees.

Abdul Munaf Ahmad, a refugee, thanked Syrian Democratic Forces for liberating them from IS and providing them accommodation.

Hundreds of al-Raqqa and its countryside refugees are residing in l-Karamah camp which was opened in the end of March.




source: ANHA

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Escaping ISIS, 3,000 refugees reach the liberated regions


GIRÊ SPÎ- Around 3,000 refugees of Raqqa residents escaping ISIS mercenaries have reached the liberated villages by Wrath of Euphrates forces. giri-sipi-3000-kocber-9

According to Refugees Affairs Committee formed by the Autonomous Administration in Til Abyad in collaboration with Wrath of Euphrates operation room, 3,000 refugees from Hazima and Hukumiya region arrived yesterday to Ain Issa region.

Jalal al-Mahmoud, member of Refugees Affairs Committee, said that the refugees will be provided with every possible help pointing out to the poor possibilities the committee can provide to the refugees.

In a relevant concern, many refugees arriving at the liberated regions have expressed happiness for their liberation from ISIS gangs and one of the refugees at 10 appealed, with eyes full of tears, SDF to save her friends there.

Haj Ismail al-Sayid said that were experiencing tough conditions till one of SDF fighters told them to leave in peace, we are able to describe our feelings, the day of our liberation is an Eid as they used to maltreat us.    giri-sipi-3000-kocber-8

Ahlam Khoder thanked SDF for liberating them from the ISIS gangs, and the efforts they have made to free Raqqa.

Refugees Affairs Committee in collaboration with Wrath of Euphrates operation room have relocated 8,000 refugees to their villages in al-Hisha and its neighborhood and have removed mines there too.




source: ANHA

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