5 killed, 15 wounded in suicide bombings in Lebanon 


BEIRUT– 5 persons were killed and about 15 wounded in many suicide bombings that targeted the Lebanese Qaa town on the borders with Syria.

Lebanese Media said that 4 bombers targeted the town at 04.00 this morning and blew up themselves near Customs headquarter on the Syrian-Lebanese borders in Qaa town.

Manar channel of Hezbollah said that many suicide bombers killed 6 persons and wounded 19 in the attack.

Voice of Lebanon radio station said that three soldiers were wounded, while all the mortalities are civilians said mayor of Qaa.

The Lebanese army imposed a security cordon around the town, and called on residents to remain in their homes fearing further explosions.




source: ANHA

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5 killed, 2 wounded as police rake a car in Bitlis


police-investigatePolice raked a car at a check point in the entry of Tatvan district of Bitlis province Wednesday afternoon. The armed attack was followed by a clash, during which 3 people lost their lives at the scene. Two more people by the names of Mehmet Yanardağ and Siyahmet Aslan who suffered heavy injuries in the attack were taken to hospital but couldn’t survive.

Two other people with wounds are reported to be receiving treatment at Tatvan Public Hospital.

A related statement by Bitlis Governor’s Office claimed that a clash erupted at a police check point between police forces and a group of PKK members preparing for an attack.


Source: Firat News Agency

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source: Kurdish Info

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