Al-Nahda neighborhood liberated, 23 mercenaries killed


Al –RAQQA_ The Syrian Democratic Forces fighters have liberated al-Nahda neighborhood west of the city of al- Raqqa. During the clashes 23 IS mercenaries were killed.

The liberation campaign of the city of al – Raqqa launched by the Syrian Democratic Forces continue on June 6 of this year. The clashes have been intensifying between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces and IS mercenaries since last night and early this morning in the vicinity of the National Hospital and al-Naim Square, the stadium and al-Nahda neighborhood west of the city of al-Raqqa

During the ongoing clashes until morning, IS mercenaries dealing strong blows to IS gangs from the Syrian Democratic Forces. The clashes in the al- Nahda neighborhood resulted in complete liberation of the neighborhood and 23 IS mercenaries were killed.

During the clashes, 3 Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters also martyred



source: ANHA

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