An al-Tabqa school was used to make IEDs, bombs


AL-TABQA- In order to implement their schemes which aim at spreading ignorance and illiteracy wherever they settled, IS mercenaries turned most of al-Tabqa city’s schools into centers to spread their subversive acts; the city’s schools were turned into security centers or factories to make bombs and improvised explosive devices.REQQA-DAIS-DIBSTAN-KIRN-CIHE-MAYINA-300x200

A school in al-Wahib neighborhood south of al-Tabqa city was turned to a dangerous headquarter of the mercenaries where explosive devices were made; within this school, thousands of explosive devices and bombs were found, in addition to hundreds of pounds of raw materials to these explosives.

ANHA reporters visiting Omar al-Mukhtar school which was one of the most important security centers to IS, from this center, bombs were being spread to the city.

Jasim Sabhi, a civilian living beside Omar al-Mukhtar school explained what the mercenaries did behind the walls of the school where everyone was forbidden from approaching.

Jasim said” continuous work is witnessed at the school, and it was a center where attacks were launched from on Rojava”.

Jasim said” after the mercenaries left, no one dared to approach it since its doors have been locked since the mercenaries fled it and till now”.

Syrian Democratic Forces are still dismantling hundreds of mines and explosive devices the mercenaries planted in the school.



source: ANHA

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