Dozens killed, wounded in a twin bombing in Bagdad


NEWS DESK- A twin attack has targeted the crowded Sahet al-Tayaran in central Bagdad this morning, leaving dozens of people killed and wounded.

According to al-Rasafah Heath Directorate’s head Abdul Gani al-Saidi, the attack that targeted Sahet al-Tayaran at the center of the Iraqi capital Bagdad has left 26 people killed and 90 wounded.

The ambulances and police vehicles have rushed to the scene, and roads leading to it were blocked.

While the spokesperson of the Iraqi Interior Ministry Saad Mu’an declared in a statement earlier that the explosion that happened was carried out by two suicide bombers leaving 16 killed and 65 were wounded.

The statement also included that the number of the mortalities is expected to rise due to the critical condition of some of the wounded.


source: ANHA

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Dozens killed, wounded in chemical attacks on in Khan Shekhoun


NEWS DESK- Dozens of civilians lost their lives and other dozens got wounded in the result of bombardment using chemical weapons on Khan Shekhoun city in the areas dominated by mercenaries’ gangs that is related to the Turkish occupation army.

According to what Syrian Observatory for Human Rights circulated, a bombardment by the Syrian Regime warplanes targeted Khan Shekhoun city in Adleb that resulted in 18 people losing their lives, and other dozens of people got wounded; most of them were critical. Moreover, the number of victims may increase.

The activists assured that poisonous gas was used in the bombardment which caused suffocation accompanied by vomiting syndromes, fainting, and other indications appeared on the wounded.

It has not been known till now whether the Syrian regime has used the weapons previously or the region targeted by the plane targeted chemical arms magazine.



source: ANHA

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Islamists hit Syrian army convoy near Aleppo, dozens killed


ARA News

Aleppo Islamist rebel groups targeted on Saturday a Syrian army convoy near the city of Aleppo, killing and wounding dozens of soldiers. 

Fighters of Ahrar al-Sham and Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS) hit a convoy for the Syrian regime’s army forces with mortar shells and heavy machine guns. 

“The attack took place on the Khanasir-Ithria road. The convoy, which was coming from Hama city to Aleppo, consisted of at least 6 army vehicles loaded with weapons beside carrying dozens of soldiers,” media activist Abduljabbar al-Hamwi told ARA News.

The rebels’ bombardment led to the destruction of four vehicles, while two others were confiscated.

At least 24 Syrian army soldiers were killed and ten others were taken hostage by the JFS and Ahrar al-Sham.

“None of the convoy’s vehicles was able to make it to Aleppo. Our operation was successful, and we won’t allow any more military reinforcements to reach the pro-Assad forces in Aleppo,” Anass al-Omar, a spokesman for Ahrar al-Sham, told ARA News.

“Despite all the Russian and Iranian support, Assad won’t be able to win in Aleppo,” al-Omar said.

Breaking Siege of Eastern Aleppo 

On Friday, Syrian Islamist rebels, led by the Army of Conquest, launched an offensive to break the siege on eastern Aleppo. Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS), an al-Qaeda splinter group, initiated the campaign by attacking several regime-held districts in western Aleppo.

Abu Saeed al-Halabi, a Dutch member of JFS, told ARA News that the new offensive aims to “free the thousands of Muslims besieged in the eastern part of Aleppo.”

Al-Halabi credited the Army of Conquest, also known as Jaish al-Fatah, with laying the groundwork for the offensive, marshaling Syria’s often disparate Islamists. “[They,] JFS and other factions prepared this assault in great detail and synchronized their forces in an unprecedented manner,” he told ARA News.

Al-Halabi added that Jabhat Fateh al-Sham would commit the bulk of its jihadists to this one operation “[We]  will commit most of our resources and inghimasi [suicide] fighters,” he said.

“Both [Sunni] mujahidin and Shia militias have gathered thousands of their fighters for a battle which could decide the outcome of this conflict,” al-Halabi stated. “[Our triumph] will likely secure the remaining part of Aleppo city from Shia forces. This will bury the myth of a political solution in Syria.”

Speaking for his fellow Jihadists, al-Halabi, said that all of the recent battles in Syria, Iraq and Yemen were linked. “These battles should be seen in the light of the US-Russian-Iranian alliance’s plan to strip the Sunnis from power in the Middle East,” he said.

Jabhat al-Nusra announced in July that it had broken its ties to al-Qaeda and that it had changed its name to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham. However, Russia and the US view these changes as cosmetic and have continued to target the group.

According to al-Halabi, the Aleppo offensive has great importance “as it could tip Syria’s power balance.” The JFS member declared that “this could be the mother of all battles.”

Reporting by: Jamil Mukarram | Source: ARA News

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source: ARA News

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Kurdish wedding under ISIS attack in Syria’s Hasakah, dozens killed


ARA News 

HASAKAH – At least 20 civilians lost their lives in an ISIS suicide bombing that targeted a Kurdish wedding on Monday evening in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah city.

The ISIS radical group claimed responsibility for the attack. 

“Cowardly terrorists spill innocent blood targeting Kurdish wedding in Hasakah,” Kurdish intelligence chief Lahur Talabani said. “We vow fight against terrorism will be unrelenting.”

The ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency released a statement issued by the extremist group claiming responsibility for the attack, calling the Kurdish wedding a ‘gathering of the PKK’.

A suicide bomber exploded himself at 21:00PM in the evening at the wedding of the family Fatemi Hasakah at the Sanabil Wedding Hall in Hasakah. The local authorities called on civilians to donate blood.

Sources in the National Hospital of Hasakah told ARA News that at least 20 were killed, and 20 more were injured.

“The deadly attack caused a state of panic among the people of Hasakah,” rights activist Saadoun Hame said.

“Our people have seen enough of blood. We are tired of war, we want peace” Hame told ARA News. “Those innocent people were trying to celebrate life, but the terrorists couldn’t let that happen. We need an end to this deadly conflict.”  

This is not the first time that ISIS targets Hasakah.

In July this year, also over 25 civilians were killed in the city of Hasakah by an ISIS attack.

Moreover, at least 50 Kurdish civilians were killed in the city of Qamishli in July by ISIS attacks.

Reporting by: Wladimir van Wilgenburg & Qehreman Miste | Source: ARA News 

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source: ARA News

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Dozens killed, clashes are escalating


ALEPPO – 35 civilians were killed and dozens wounded because of the increasing escalation and continuous clashes between the regime forces and the Coalition mercenaries in Aleppo amid noticeable progress towards northern parts of the city and its countryside on the regime forces’ part. HELEB-TOP-BARAN1

Aleppo have been witnessing a mutual shelling between regime forces and the mercenaries of the Coalition attempting to extend their influence as much as possible on residential areas.

According to what local sources said to ANHA, the city neighborhoods, under regime control, have been subjected to 40 mortars since the early hours of the morning, dozens of houses were destroyed, 5 civilians killed and others were seriously wounded.

In the same context, the regime aircrafts launched air raids on headquarters of the Coalition’s mercenaries in the northern and western countryside of Aleppo, consequently killing 7 civilians, on the one hand.

On the other hand, the regime aircrafts shelled residential areas under the Coalition control killing 23 civilians and wounding dozens.

Clashes broke out between the regime forces and the Coalition’s mercenaries on different fronts, while the mercenaries are attempting to decrease pressure on Kastilo front.

The regime forces are making progress north of the city in Handerat surroundings and Kastilo and nearby buildings, in addition to other buildings in Leyramoun region, and clashes resulted in mortalities on the mercenaries’ part.



source: ANHA

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