Turkish occupation army, mercenaries continue attacking Afrin


AFRIN– The Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries continue their attacks on Afrin canton with various types of weapons, and People Protection Units and Women Protection Units are firmly responding to the attacks.

In Bulbul district of Afrin canton, yesterday night, mortar shells hit the border villages of the district, and in detail, military sources in the People Protection Units told our agencies that Turkish army occupation bombed the village of Tobal and other villages in Bulbul district lasted for approximately 40 minutes later, the YPG and YPJ responded to the sources of the shelling, followed by sporadic clashes between the units and soldiers of Turkish occupation army, while there was no accurate information regarding the losses in the ranks of Turkish occupation army.

The sources also reported that the YPG and YPJ also responded to the targeting of Turkish occupation army, yesterday evening of the villages of Dikmadash, Maranaz, Ain Daqna, Yasebagh and Ekdami, and Qustal and Aqlina hills in Shera district, with light weapons, amid reports of losses in the Turkish army without being able to Know the size of these losses.

In a related context, the mercenaries of Turkish occupation army based in Samaan Citadel, the village of Basofan in the Sherawa district, and Barin, Badrakhan and Başûr hills in the Janders region were targeted with light and medium weapons. While People Protection Units and Women Protection Units responded to the attack with light weapons.



source: ANHA

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