Turkish aggression on Afrin is a Turkish, Russian ,IS plan



KOBANI- Mohsen Anas Mohammed, or Abu Ali al-Maghrabi, as he was called when he was a member of IS, said that Turkey was working on a new cover for mercenaries in Idlib and using it in the attack on Afrin.

It seems that several of the main players in the Middle East, especially Syria, do not want to end IS, or if it finished, they want to make the most of their remains.

In an exclusive interview with Mohsen by our agency, the latter revealed deals between the Russians and the Syrian regime and IS mercenaries the handover of areas in Deir ez-Zor from the western Euphrates to Russia and the Syrian regime, in return for opening the way for mercenaries to cross to Idlib.

He also revealed the Turkish attempts behind the show IS once again in Idlib but under a new name.

A new IS  in Idlib with a new name

According to Mohsen Anas, the emergence of IS  in Idlib was a Turkish plan, but on February 13, media outlets said that 25 mercenaries from IS surrendered themselves to armed Islamic factions fighting there, which they said was the end of  IS presence there.

On this developments Mohsen says “Now there is an international coalition that is fighting against IS. The elements of the Islamic state in Iraq and in Syria are wanted by all, but if they change their name, the coalition will no longer be able to target them or they will be able to breathe again.”

He added “The new plan here is creating of a new IS, this is done by joining elements from Jabhat al-Nasra, which now represents the new form of IS, and now is fighting with Turkey in Afrin, which means that IS again fighting with Turkey against the Kurds.”

Turkey supported IS and still do that!

From time to time, Turkish officials, led by the leader of the Justice and Development Party and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, come out to say that their country is fighting IS.

But what Mohsin, the border policeman in IS (the post he used to employ when he was in IS), contradicts what the Turks say, describing the relationship between IS and Turkey as “brotherhood”.

He said “I was a policeman on the Turkish border in IS. Our job was to welcome immigrants coming across the Turkish border. Because we were at the border, we saw Turkish soldiers and officers, our vision was not over the border, they were crossing the border to come to our areas and make deals.”

He added “The officers were coming to the other side of the border where we were controlling and meeting up with the leaders until late in the evening. When they came, we used to resort to security, we would not let the civilians pass by the meeting area,they relied on us. “

Through these meetings, Mohsin says that mutual agreements, including economic and military ones  as follows.

“Turkey supported IS with the various kinds of weapons, the weapons crossed daily from the border, t RBGs and the anti-armor and the Russian Konkurs came from Turkey, along with the gold and silver that Turkey was offering to IS or vice versa. Turkey was benefiting from the oil is encouraging, as the latter was giving 90% of its oil to Turkey through the gate of Azaz, there were standing there hundreds of cars carrying oil daily pass to Azaz and then Turkey.

He added “After the loss of control over the land bordering Turkey, Turkish support was not cut off, but it turned to come through Idlib, which was dominated by Jabhat al-Nasra. From Idlib came trucks loaded with weapons destined for the dries filled in Turkey was not allowed to anyone in Idlib opened only after crossing to the areas calling in Hama and Homs through the Syrian regime.”

An agreement between Russia and the regime and a call for handing over areas for the transition to Idlib

There is no doubt that everyone saw how the Syrian regime and its allies, led by Russia, advanced quickly in the Syrian desert to Deir ez- Zor, then al-Mayadin and then al-Bu Kamal, as a result of the collapse of mercenaries in the battle ofal- Raqqa, led by Syria’s Democratic Forces.

While Russia says it has fought and won one victory at a time, Mohsen Anas (Abu Ali) says the war between IS and the regime and its ally Russia was merely “receiving and delivering “

He noted “The regime, and the Russians behind it, agreed with IS to hand over al-Bukamal, which was in the hands of the latter to the Syrian regime and its allies.”.

He added “The Russian surveillance planes were flying over a IS convoy that was heading from the village of Deir ez-Zor to al-Bu Kamal to ensure the safety of their arrival there.”

The goal is!

It is no coincidence that a few days after the regime took control of al Bukamal (November 18, 2017), IS appeared in Idlib in early December last year, and this reinforces the minds to think seriously about the deal Mohsen has talked about.

But what after the emergence of IS in Idlib, or rather what after being transferred to Idlib ?.

Mohsen says about this, that a lot of leaders are hiding in Idlib, and many of them also joined Jabhat al-Nasra .

In Idlib, analysts said earlier that the creation of IS  in Idlib game of Russia and the Syrian regime to regain control of the province, which was controlled by mercenaries, Jabhat Tahrir al-Sham .

But the Russians later agreed with Turkey to advance in Idlib without using IS card in a deal allowed it control hundreds of villages and the Abu al-Zhor military airport (the agreement), which gave Turkey the opportunity to use them in the war against Afrin.

Our agency has already published documents proving the involvement of mercenaries from IS  alongside the Turkish army in the recent aggression on Afrin.


source: ANHA

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