MMC fighters defending Manbij from Turkish-led attacks, says commander


MANBIJ – The Military Council of Manbij stated that one Turkish-backed gang member was killed in clashes between their fighters west of Manbij.

The Turkish army began shelling villages west of Manbij on Monday. Turkish soldiers and Turkish-backed gangs shelled the villages Îlan, Sheikh Nasir and Qurtwêran.

Fighters of the Military Council of Manbij responded to the attacks, stating that one killed gang member had a Turkish identity card and that the body is kept by their forces.

Many gangs had also been killed in the clashes.

Manbij Military Council commander Adnan Abu Amjad in Sheikh Nasir village west of Manbij said in a video published by the press office that their fighters were defending Manbij from Turkish-led attacks.

source: ANHA

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