Targeting archaeological sites , dams is a common denominator between IS , Turkey


AL-TABQA- The Turkish aggression on Afrin has shown for nine consecutive days the similarities between mercenaries and the Turkish army by targeting dams and archaeological sites.EFR-XERABKIRINA-GIRE-ENDAR-DIROKI-WNCAM-TOPBARAN-TIRK ‫(1)‬

During occupation of Palmyra  city in central Syria, the mercenaries  were destroyed during two months in October 2015, the Arc of Triumph, a major monument in the ancient city in Palmyra after destroying two archaeological temples in that place, which is a jewel in the magnificent collection of monuments in Palmyra.

A few days after his aggression against Afrin, the Turkish occupation army destroyed the ancient Ain Dara temple in Shirawa district of Afrin canton in northern Syria.

No position has yet been issued by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

As for the dams, during the operation launched by the Iraqi army in October 2016 to liberate Mosul, the mercenaries repeatedly threatened to destroy the Mosul dam.

Today, nine days after the Turkish aggression on Afrin, the Turkish occupation army is targeting Midanki Dam for the second time in a row in an attempt to destroy the dam.



source: ANHA

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conference-eutccThe 14th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON “THE EUROPEAN UNION, TURKEY, THE MIDDLE EAST AND THE KURDS” Starts today. Please visit this website to watch the conference LIVE with available option to listen in different languages.


source: Kurdish Info

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Turkey, Iran and Russia share Syria, al-Hariri waiting for Hezbollah’s response



NEWS DESK – Arabic newspapers said that Sochi conference will be held in February 2018, noting that Russia, Turkey and Iran share Syria among themselves amid the complete absence of the role of Arabic countries in finding solutions, and stressed that Hariri is waiting for” Hezbollah’s response to the commitment of neutrality and non-interference externally.

Ambiguity in the participation of the regime in Geneva

This morning, Tuesday, the Arab newspapers discussed the convening of the 8th round of Geneva meetings. In this context, al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper called “preconditions” of the regime threatening Geneva.

“In Monday, there was uncertainty about the participation of the Syrian regime’s delegation in the new round of negotiations, which are supposed to be launched in Geneva in Tuesday.

The international envoy to Syria, Stephan De Mistura, said that the government delegation did not confirm (until Monday) his participation, adding that the United Nations would not accept any “precondition” to participate either by the Syrian government or the opposition.

De Mistura is concerned about al-Ghouta and the killing of 18 persons there

For its part, al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper referred to the escalation witnessed by the Eastern Ghouta in conjunction with the new round of Geneva. In this context, De Mistura said to the UN Security Council: Concern over the massive escalation of violence in al-Ghouta.

The UN Security Council listened to the briefing of the international envoy to Syria, Stephane De Mistura.

“De Mistura expressed deep concern about the escalation of violence in the Eastern Ghouta in recent weeks and the continued restrictions on access of humanitarian aid to the region,” the paper said.

In a related context, the same newspaper said “18 people were killed after the renewed shelling of the Eastern Ghouta.” She said that 18 civilians were killed in Monday in an air shelling by the Syrian regime forces on residential neighborhoods in the eastern region of the besieged controlled by the opposition (9 in Muderaa, 7 in Duma, and 2 in Arbin and Masraba.

Sochi is held in February

For its part, al-Hayat addressed “Sochi conference next February … constitutional reform and elections on its agenda.”

The newspaper said “Novosti” quoted the agency a diplomatic source familiar with saying:« At the moment is preparing for the conference. It will not be held before January.

Most likely in February.

In parallel, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said the Syrian national dialogue conference is intended to contribute to constitutional reform in Syria and to prepare for presidential and parliamentary elections.”

Russia, Turkey and Iran share Syria

The newspaper also referred to the attempts of Russia, Turkey and Iran to share influence in Syria and called for “an international and regional race to share Syrian influence in the absence of Arab influence.” Today, countries such as Iran and Turkey are competing with Russia and the United States to play a key role to shape the future of Syria, and to share influence on its territory, while the Arab Group as a whole, with the exception of some efforts prefer to stay on the top waiting for the end of things.

Hewler: Baghdad is not ready for dialogue

In the Iraqi issue, al-Quds al-Arabi newspaper addressed the efforts to launch the dialogue between Hewler and Baghdad and wrote under the title “Arbil demanded Baghdad to cancel the measures” al-Aqabia “and accuses of not preparing for dialogue,” The newspaper said, “The new head of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq,

Nechirvan Barzani, Arbil’s readiness to dialogue with Baghdad to resolve the outstanding issues between the parties, stressing decisions issued must be respected by the Federal Supreme Court, in a new initiative coinciding with the return of Kurdish MPs to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, noting that the federal government in Baghdad is still addressing the region through the media, Baghdad is ready for dialogue and asking us to hand them over the border crossings and airports. “

Al-Hariri to Hezbollah: I am waiting for the neutrality we agreed upon in the government

Al-Sharq al-Awsat reported on the Lebanese issue that al-Hariri’s comments on Hezbollah were still under the headline “al-Hariri: Hizbullah must adhere to neutrality to ensure Lebanon’s progress.” The newspaper quoted Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al- Hariri as saying in Monday that ” Hezbollah “groups backed by Iran to stop interfering externally and accept the policy of” neutrality “in order to put an end to the political crisis in his country.” I am waiting for the neutrality we agreed upon in the government … we cannot say anything and do something else. “

A qualitative development in arming the organizations of Muslim Brothers in Egypt

Al-Hayat talked about the qualitative development of arming Muslim Brothers in Egypt and wrote under the title “A qualitative development in arming the organizations of Muslim Brothers “The seizures of the Egyptian security forces came during the targeting of members of the” Revolutionary Brigade.”

Most of it belong to youth of Muslim Brothers group classified as terrorist, to show the qualitative development of the organizations of Muslim Brothers in Egypt, which used to use firearms and improvised explosive devices, but the Interior Ministry announced on Monday, the seizure of a cell of the Revolutionary Brigade was preparing to carry out terrorist operations by car bomb of was prepared for the bombing and large containers of the subjects «C 4»  and «RDX» (RDX)  with intensive explosion. “

The communication issue with Qatar has been postponed by al-Bahrain

In Bahrain, al-Sharq al-Awsat reported the trial of an opposition leader accused of communicating with Qatar.

The newspaper said that the Bahraini judiciary postponed the first session of the trial of Ali Salman, secretary-general of the Wifaq, which was dissolved by court, and Ali Jomah Sultan, who was listed in the black list announced by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the UAE and Bahrain about 5 days ago, and Ali Mahdi al-Aswad, accused of communicating with Qatar to commit terrorist acts that harm Bahrain’s interests, security and stability.



source: ANHA

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Turkey, protected by Jabhit al- Nusra, sets up base in Mount Sheikh Barakat


 NEWS DESK –  Sources mentioned that Turkey has completed the establishment and equipping of its first military base in the top of Mount Sheikh Barakat in the western countryside of Aleppo, under the protection of the mercenaries of the Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria Jabhit al- Nusra).

Local sites in Syria reported that the bulldozers of the Turkish occupation army have increased the pace of its performance to accelerate the establishment of the base with a strategic location, which is one of 8 bases Turkey seeks to establish within the Syrian territory occupied.

These sites quoted the mercenaries of the movement “Noraddin al- Zanki” which is involved with the mercenaries of Hayat Thrir al-Sham to dominate the western Aleppo countryside that the latter is still guarding the convoys of the Turkish occupation army transporting military equipment to the region since October 14, and the completion of the establishment of the base near the city of Darat Izzah west of Aleppo is expected within a few days.

Turkey began its incursion into the territory of Idlib province under the pretext of the so-called “de-escalation” areas, which it agreed with Russia and Iran on at the meetings of Astana consolidating its occupation of the Syrian territory.

During the incursion into the Syrian territory in Idlib and its settlement to Mount Barakat, the Turkish army was accompanied by four-wheel-drive vehicles loaded with Dushka weapons belonging to the mercenaries of Hayat Tahrir al- Sham (Jabhit al- Nusra) which protected the convoys of the occupation army despite Turkey’s claims to fight the mercenaries of the Jabhit al-Nusra.

Mount Sheikh Barakat which is known as Mount Darat Izzah is located in the western part of the city of Darat Izzah in the western part of Aleppo, overlooking the full western and northern and eastern countryside of Aleppo, overlooking the canton of Afrin, as well as the countryside of Idlib, Nobul and Zahra, it is characterized as a rugged and fortified area.



source: ANHA

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Turkey, Kurdish forces clash in Syrian Kurdistan: military

Editorial Staff

ANKARA,— The Turkish army and Syrian Kurdish militia have exchanged fire in Syrian Kurdistan (northern Syria), the Turkish military said Wednesday, amid growing tensions in the border region. The army said in a statement that forces of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had fired on pro-Ankara rebels close to the rebel-held town of Azaz […]

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U.S. deploys troops to Syrian border as buffer between Kurds, Turkey

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BEIRUT,— U.S. armored vehicles are deploying in areas in Syrian Kurdistan along the tense border with Turkey, a few days after a Turkish airstrike that killed 20 U.S.-backed Kurdish fighters, a Syrian war monitor and Kurdish activists said Friday. Footage posted by Syrian activists online showed a convoy of U.S. armored vehicles driving on a […]

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